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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

Cheese Burgers


- One block fat cottage cheese (curd mixed in the tray is not suitable) 
- 150g grated hard cheese (Brick, Edam) 
- 3 tablespoons of oatmeal 
- 1 egg 
- Salt, marjoram, pepper, garlic (one love) 
- Finely crushed cannabis leaves 10-20 g


According to Magdalena (amount to about ten burgers). 
From these ingredients, mix dough, which leave at room temperature for several hours to ripen.Then we form the dough with a spoon larger gnocchi packages in bread crumbs and fry in hot oil.Serve with vegetable attachments and brown bread. The effect emerges in about one to two hours.

„Proti blbosti i bohové bojují marně.“ Jan Werich