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The heart is a hollow muscular organ animals with circulatory system, which ensures its regular contractions hemolymph or blood circulation body, and thus the transmission of respiratory gases, nutrients, waste products, and more. Structure, function and diseases of the human heart is engaged in cardiology, heart disease is the most common cause of death, especially in rich countries. In the Czech Republic are the leading cause of death and dying on them about 50% of the people. ( Source )

Heart and Hemp

We can safely say is that the heart is a vital organ and hemp oil from experience vital organs can rejuvenate. Although never say to anyone (Dušan Dvořák) to stop taking heart medications, but many have already done it and did not meet with harmful consequences. Effects of extracts from heart trouble to me is yet to be thoroughly explored. From what we've seen, but hemp oil is very good for the heart. ( Source )

Why there is a blockage of blood vessels? Status vessels that supply all the cells of our body, including vital organs (heart, brain), is directly related to our digestion. Ie., How and what nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. U of blood vessels (as well as the colon) is not important as clean, but how they work, function is the foundation of health. The vessels must be flexible and strong, it is not deposited on them from inside and not kornatět. Unfortunately, the diet can not wait to we get enough vital nutrients, they just are not there. In addition to systematically destroy themselves and by eating foods about which we know very well that harms us.

1/ Garlic in Cannabis
2/ Defenses
3/ Body Guard
4/ Sea Weed
5/ Balanced OMG 3-6-9
6/ pH Correct
7/ Oxidation
8/ Cannabis Powder (does not THC)
9/ Complete Nutrition (vitamins, minerals and trace elements)
10/ Medic Herbal Blen 

What do you think about the intention of exploratory studies? Write what illness you suffer. .

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