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Anxiety and Paranoia


The anxiety that accompanies us every day, it becomes a disease to which is to be fought. The best course would be to remove the cause of anxiety. If this is not possible, or you do not know what the anxiety stems, consult a doctor. ( Source )

Anxiety, Paranoia and Hemp

Anxiety and paranoia associated with the drug, according to me, gave considerably reduced if the system simply stop arresting people for being using it. At the beginning of the treatment I tell people not to fight with it, though they following extract will want to sleep. There are people who are trying to overcome the relaxing effect of this medication, and then it have unpleasant or distressing feelings. Many varieties of hemp has a very low potential to cause anxiety. Then raise some varieties of cannabis. In such cases, people recommend (Dušan Dvořák) to take a drug made from a variety that does not cause too much anxiety.

Many anxiety associated with cannabis use would simply disappear if cannabis was legal.Again, it is true that some varieties of cannabis can cause more anxiety than others. So - if you experience anxiety, simply try a different variety. ( Source )

If you are looking for an alternative in the treatment of your problem and you want to be treated preparations of cannabis under medical supervision, we offer the opportunity to participate in theexploratory study pro. Here you will find a list of the conditions listed exploratory studies.

„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich