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Birthmarks, professionally nevi, are essentially benign (benign) skin nádorky. They can be present at birth, in which case they are the result of local anomalies in the development of skin or arise during life. They are not dangerous, but can sometimes pose a cosmetic problem for the patient. Also, they must be distinguished from the time of cancer, in particular from melanoma. (Source )

Birthmarks and Hemp

Birthmarks can be removed by simply smear extract and overlay the patch or bandage. Extract it by unhealthy cells and mutating most cases eliminates painlessly. ( Source )

If you are looking for an alternative in the treatment of your problem and you want to be treated preparations of cannabis under medical supervision, we offer the opportunity to participate in theexploratory study pro. Here you will find a list of the conditions listed exploratory studies.

„Bůh stvořil člověka, když ho přestaly bavit opice. Na další pokusy už pak neměl nervy.“ Mark Twain