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Burns and Scars


Burns formed on the basis of skin contact with inadequate heat stimuli. Burns or combustiones are quite serious skin damage. Temperatures above 45 ° C are perceived by the body as pain.The vast majority of changes in the skin is localized in the skin and upper dermis. The actual severity of burns is mainly due to its scope, depth, causal injury, age and general condition of the patient. ( Source )

Burns, scars and Hemp

On the strong burns no better remedy than hemp oil. When applied to the affected area in a few minutes, remove the pain and greatly speed up the healing process. I saw (Dušan Dvořák) for several people with third degree burns to them without any scars healed in eleven days. Hospitals should use hemp oil in the wards for the treatment of burns could significantly reduce human suffering. ( Source )

Using hemp cream

Cool the burn under cold running water and immediately paint thicker layer of hemp cream , after absorption re-lubricated.


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