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Chronic Pain


Chronic pain, according to data from the International Association which examines the pain is considered painful sensation, lasting well after the normal time of healing and that takes longer than three to six months. 90% of diseases known to mankind, is associated with pain. Pain - this is the protective function of the body, the importance of which is difficult to evaluate. But when the pain passes into the chronic stage, loses its positive, protective and warning role. ( Source )

Chronic pain and Hemp

For chronic pain is nothing better than an extract made from the right varieties of cannabis. Health System treats patients with chronic pain, dangerous, addictive and harmful drugs. But you do not have a healing effect, basically just absorbs (mask) pain. The extract used for chronic pain minimizes the pain, and then begins to work on the cause and try to heal. For all suffering from chronic pain, hemp oil is by far the best medicine because it is not addictive and harmful to the rest of the body.

People with bone cancer, which helped morphine, and the extract was relieved. It is not uncommon for people within a few days of use extract of Cannabis reports that he is not hurt.Pharmaceutical drugs do not address the cause of the pain, only mask the pain. Hemp oil can eliminate the pain, but it also fixes an issue that causes it. ( Source )

If you are looking for an alternative in the treatment of your problem and you want to be treated preparations of cannabis under medical supervision, we offer the opportunity to participate in theexploratory study pro. Here you will find a list of the conditions listed exploratory studies.

„Jedna ženská vidí často dál, než pět mužských s dalekohledem.“ Jan Werich