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Tourette's syndrome

Description of the disease

Tourette's syndrome is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder that usually begins to manifest in childhood or adolescence. It is characterized by the so-called "tics", sudden twitching especially in the face, neck and shoulders (crooked mouth, dizziness, jerky). A movement occurs even at least one vocal tic, at which issues affected by loud noises or shouting various insults. Another side-effect of the behavioral symptoms such as aggression towards himself, hypersexuality or compulsive thoughts or actions. ( Source )

Tourette's syndrome and Hemp

Most of today known facts about the effect of THC and cannabis on this very heavily treatable disease based on clinical research in Germany. At the Medical College in Hanover was the team of Professor Kirsten Müller-Vahl, a study on the effect of THC on Tourette's syndrome. Several patients undergoing treatment in local special clinic said that due to consumption of cannabis withdrawal symptoms observed disease. Poll systematically carried out between 1994 and 1996 in 64 patients showed that 14 of 17 patients with experience with cannabis, observed a positive effect on the symptoms of the disease, partial or complete resolution of motor and vocal tics. Similar conclusions in the past rarely appeared in professional journals and from other authors.

THC and cannabis exhibit clearly positive effect on Tourette's syndrome, despite the fact that until now are available in the world's only one convincing study with patients suffering from Tourette's syndrome. Therapeutic effects of patients are so pronounced that the symptoms of this highly restrictive neuropsychiatric diseases completely or almost completely disappear. Generally, the treatment required only a relatively low dosage, which most patients can not lead to the relevant side effects. ( Source )

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