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Multiple Sclerosis

Description of the disease

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. For each of the symptoms and progression of the disease be completely different, because it depends on the affected area of the brain and spinal cord. The course is entirely unpredictable - for someone experiencing slight physical problem and someone may occur to severe disability. Multiple sclerosis attacks the white matter of the brain, which leads to nerve vzruchům of the senses and to the muscles. Violations and decay myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers and wraps (axons). Places where you interrupt the myelin sheath are called plaques. ( Source )

Multiple Sclerosis and Cannabis

It is known case of a patient that multiple sclerosis before gradually consumed šedesátigramovou dose of extract. The treatment was very successful. Extract not used for a year and still enjoys good health. Multiple sclerosis can be cured. For people who have been suffering for many years, but it will take a little longer, because it will be necessary to repair the damage done by the disease.Many people suffering from multiple sclerosis to relieve smoking cannabis - but it is recovered.The only way to cure multiple sclerosis and the associated damage is to regularly consume the extract until a cure for multiple sclerosis. ( Source )

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