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Regulation of body weight

Description - Overweight

Obesity is a disease of civilization in which there is an accumulation of fat deposits in the body. This is an individual fault energy management body which recently epidemic spread among all groups, regardless of age or social level. In the Czech Republic, according to modern surveys are overweight 73% of men and 57% women, 24% of obese men and 26% women. ( Source )

The issue at this point is the "Underweight" - the opposite of being overweight. Causes that cause it may be a few. One of them may be Anorexia.

Description - Anorexia

It is primarily a mental illness characterized by constant efforts to lose weight. His dream of a slender figure ill meet either severe restrictions on the amount of food received, or were excessive exercise. Others control your caloric intake by vomiting after meals, or misuse of laxatives, diuretics. ( Source )

Overweight, underweight and Hemp

Overweight and underweight cannabis is solvable. Anorexia But due to the nature of the mental is not solvable. The success of hemp terpie is the fact that the patient wants. U Anorexia is a high probability that the patient WANT normalize your health because it has not even considered.

When treating extract is not uncommon for overweight people lose weight on many extra pounds.It's like extract knew how much you weigh. When using hemp oil is not a traditional diet - you can eat what you want. For overweight people seem to extract reduces appetite. Slimming know any better and safer. Oil can in many cases stimulate the appetite of those who need to gain weight. It's like they wanted to extract to your body again be optimal weight. ( Source )

So much for quotation pioneer hemp legalization and treatment Dušan Dvořák. It is really unbelievable and incomprehensible at the same time. Once again we face the fact that there is something that helps, but the state under the leadership of lobbyist groups did not seem interested. No wonder, they would lose business. .

Why get fat? Here is the answer. In order to live, our body needs energy, which it gets from food. The biggest source of energy is sugar, glucose. The process proceeds by digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. Subsequently, glucose is produced in the liver, which is distributed to all cells of the body. Glucose is either just burned, consumed, or stored in fat reserves. The process of combustion or storage is fast or slow. The rate of speed is called the glycemic index, so-called "GI". Foods with a high GI value with changes in glucose quickly. Foods with a low GI value with changes in glucose more slowly. This significantly affects the burning or storing. This process arranges insulin, a hormone that sends glucose to where it is needed, once it gets into the bloodstream. If glucose is released slowly, just a small amount of insulin, which then has plenty of time to think about where to send glucose. However, if the glucose released quickly, it means that in the bloodstream occurs much glucose, panic occurs that causes a large amount of insulin. Insulin with excess glucose to do that, it is stored in fat deposits that damage cells. If this occurs frequently, this process leads to weight gain, obesity. High insulin levels cause many health problems, leading to faster aging damages the cells, causing hardening of the arteries, causing diabetes (diabetes). It is therefore important to eat foods with predominantly low GI.

1/ Catch and Burn
2/ Body Guard
3/ Strong Colostrum
4/ Sea Weed
5/ Balanced OMG 3-6-9
6/ pH Correct

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