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Spinal cord injury


Spine injury is a serious injury with possible long-term consequences. The spine is a bony shell spinal cord injury or a violation of the exiting nerve can cause paralysis or disturbance of perception. The injury can occur especially when falling from above on the back or on the outstretched limbs (high risk is double height and body more rapid movement or rotation, or at impact speeds greater than 30 km / h). ( Source )

Spinal cord injury and Hemp

According to the clinical data referred to in the journal Neurotoxicity Research, filing nepsychotropní substance in cannabis - cannabidiol (CBD) improves mobility in rats with spinal cord injuries.

Scientists from the University of San Paolo, Brazil assessed the impact of CBD on motor function in rats with cryogenically induced spinal cord injury. Animals were injected with placebo or CBD just before surgery, three hours after surgery and daily for six days.

The researchers reported that at the end of the first week of rats treated with cannabidiol showed higher motor skills.

"Cannabidiol improved treatment of physical function and reduce the extent of injury, suggesting that it might be useful in the treatment of spinal cord injury," concluded researchers. ( Source )

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