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Huntington's disease

Description of the disease

Huntington's disease is a serious hereditary disease with typical psychological and physical symptoms, which usually appear gradually, between 30 to 45 For Huntigtona are typically characterized by involuntary twitching of the limbs, head and torso twitches. The disease leads tomental disintegration of personality and the emergence of dementia. 
This disease affects about 5-10 people per 100 000 inhabitants Unfortunately, you can not turn away HN, slow or cure. It does not reduce the life expectancy of the disease itself, but weakened immunity. For everything can only change (mutation) in the gene IT15 on the fourth chromosome.Source )

Huntington's disease and hemp

According to the data presented in The Journal of Neuroscience Research obtained from experimental studies in model rats with disabilities similar to Huntington's disease, providing feeding hemp plant cannabis extract containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) at least partial protection against the disease process. An international team of scientists from Spain Italy and Britain assessed whether the cannabis extract may slow the progression of the disease. This is clearly confirmed by them. It is interesting that the separate administration of the individual components (THC, CBD) to this favorable outcome failed. ( Source)

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