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Terms and Conditions

The customer confirms that he accepts these Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller. Relations between the buyer and seller are subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties.
We offer you the opportunity to order directly from your home, where you can shop nonstop. You can easily and conveniently using a shopping cart.
The contract is only the goods specified in the contract - order.
We are committed to our customers we will only deliver goods in perfect condition and the corresponding description of the E-shop.
The condition for the fulfillment of your electronic order completion of all required data specified in the order form. The order is also a sales contract, when the purchase agreement is the delivery. The conclusion of the purchase contract requires formal confirmation by the seller.
The order is completed delivery of the relevant documents for processing.
In some cases, the seller reserves the right to contract confirmation of a separate written agreement.
In each case, the seller reserves the right to payment of a financial deposit by the buyer.

The order is accepted within 24 hours, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail. The dispatch will also be informed by E-mail. In case of doubt, we will at your request, inform.

Binding order can only be canceled until processed.

5) packaging and postage
Ordered goods will send you by your chosen method of transport.

6) Lead time
Delivery time is 2-6 days, unless the goods or in a separate agreement stated otherwise. Delivery time varies by location of delivery. In the Czech Republic it is 2-3 days and outside the Czech Republic in 7 days.

 Scope of warranty and limitations:
Complaint handling is governed by the applicable laws and regulations. Processed within 30 days.

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