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Medicinal Cannabis

Info Občasník - Diabetes (diabetes) and Hemp

Use of cannabis extract can regulate or cure a number of diseases of the internal organs. Rejuvenovaný and heal the internal organ in the body can soon begin again to perform the functions that it has. 
Konosprej also effectively regulates blood sugar levels in diabetes - diabetes mellitus II. - Now spreading endemic in our population, especially older ones. 
The legal option Konospreje aunt Bushka is Sativex, which comes at a pharmacy to buy (but the price is staggering). 

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a lifelong disease characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) in the blood. In the Czech Republic there are now about 750,000 diabetics (end of 2006) and this number is increasing every year by 5-6%. In addition, it is expected that 300,000 people about your medical condition does not yet know. 

Why and how diabetes? Diabetes results from insufficient production or insufficient use of the hormone insulin. Insulin is produced by beta-cells of the pancreas and allows blood sugar - glucose (which gets into the blood processing ingested food) move from the blood into the cells for which glucose is the major source of energy. Presence of glucose in the blood is called glycemia. Glucose values ​​are measured and reported in units called millimoles per liter (mmol / l).

If there is a lack of insulin or the body is not sufficiently exploited, there is an increased accumulation of glucose in the blood (hyperglycaemia). Conversely, if it is not received sufficient food or is developed intense physical activity and a lack of food, there is a decrease in blood glucose (hypoglycemia). Normal glucose levels in a healthy person is between 4-6 mmol / l.Pokud diabetes is not treated or not followed the recommended treatment principles can occur and develop other serious diseases and complications.


1 / StrongColostrum (Strong colostrum) 
Significantly strengthens the immune system, supports the pancreas, regulates insulin levels in the blood. 
Strong colostrum (Strong Colostrum) 


2 / CannabisPowder (hemp powder with vitamin E) 
Support for the activities of the pancreas, regulates blood sugar, does not contain THC. 
Cannabis powder with vitamin E 


3 / Garlic in Cannabis (hemp Garlic in oil) 
It keeps blood sugar, prevents clogging of blood vessels. 
Garlic in hemp oil (Garlic in cannabis)

Low pH or acidity of the organism, causes most of the diseases affecting the metabolic processes of the body is. How is the acidity of the body? Imbalanced diet, inadequate eating habits, impaired intestinal flora, lack of fluids, stress, aggression, anger, physical and mental stress. Low pH significantly shortens life!

What causes low pH: 
1 / mineral loss, deficit alkaline buffers leads to pathological mineralization of bone loss occurs and excessive brittleness (osteoporosis, arthritis, dental caries, periodontitis, wrinkles, hair loss ...) 
2 / calcification, ie uncoordinated accumulation of calcium in the body, calcification leads to clogging and popping blood vessels (heart attacks, strokes, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, damage to the intervertebral discs, inguinal hernia, formation of stones ...) 
3 / deposition of substances that should be eliminated from the body, the body is then the hazardous waste accumulates (rheumatism, gout, arthritis, kidney overload, impaired blood circulation, loss of hearing and sight, gray or glaucoma, atherosclerosis, edema, mold, old age spots, acne, allergies, eczema, purulent tonsils, psoriasis, boils, sweaty feet and plaque 
4 / loss of natural immunity against common infectious diseases, ranging from cold 
5 / cell mutations (cancer disease) 
6 / reduced blood oxygenation 

Source: Down with acidity (Kurt Tepperwein)

Litmus test (Litmus paper) 
Check the pH of the morning urine should belong to the daily hygiene (the correct value is 6.9 to 7.1), blood pH fluctuations can not be determined, the value is immutable and always ranges between 7.35-7.45, organism blood monitors itself, neutralize it with alkaline buffers, with a deficit of alkaline buffers the organism substances "stealing" from their own bone. 
Litmus papers 














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