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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

Year of Marihuana


It is now all young in Czech Republic clear what the cannabis and its product - marijuana. Young cannabis tested yet about him have accurate knowledge. With this film may find that the flowering tops of female cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, and especially because of this damned name, is one of the best herbal remedies that are known to mankind. Cannabis is a medicine and in most cases for which is legal in some countries, the prescription will help (success in the palliative treatment - the treatment of the negative symptoms of the disease - is now about 90%). Vzhedem to the fact that in most countries are completely blacklisted, are not yet our knowledge of its therapeutic effect as deep as they deserve. Of course, each case where cannabis is prescribed for the treatment, our knowledge enhances not only in terms of treatment with the plant, but also varieties on which disease use (in different varieties are represented by different substances contained in different concentrations). It is hoped that in the future some diseases will help cannabis and causally - but not always and not for everyone, not for every disease and not at each stage of the disease. However, the results of palliative treatment are astonishing - patients are removed adverse symptoms of the disease, so has the impression that he's healthy and when the disease still progresses. The feeling of well-being is wonderful not only for the patient but also for his family and surroundings. On how many of these drugs can show? How many such drugs which have side effects. A cannabis has no side effects, no one died of an overdose.
Although cannabis is so nearly universal cure, there are a small percentage of patients doing well or not helping them at all. Film nothing is blocking one patient is also pointed out that the patient may have negative feelings. The therapeutic effect in the vast majority of patients, however, exceeds this deficiency. Under the guidance of treatment, patients may adjust the dose and type of hemp and so improve treatment.
Year of cannabis points out that cannabis is the cure. And do not take drugs, if we are healthy. We use it only in cases of illness, and that's a good promotion of medicinal cannabis in this film.
Cannabis can be abused, of course, just as with other drugs (which happens of course), tobacco or alcohol. Often used in the Czech Republic youth of curiosity ("the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest").
Young people should know about the curative powers of cannabis and especially the fact that it is a drug and medication, if we are healthy, we do not!

Lumír Hanus


„Bůh stvořil člověka, ale nedal si to patentovat, a tak to teď po něm může dělat kdejakej blbec.“ Jan Werich