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Cannabis professional massage oil


Konopní profesionální masážní olej

• Exclusive blend of oils is designed for full body massage.
• It is formulated to meet the highest standards for professional massage.
• The mixture forms a neutral base for further use with essential ingredients.
• With jojoba wax and mandlovému oil has excellent consistency and slipperiness.
• Hemp oil nourishes the skin, regenerates, moisturizes and provides the necessary intake of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.
• Sage creates the perfect protection against oxidation mixtures.
• With regular use prevents the formation of stretch marks. Leaves skin firm, healthy and silky smooth.
• Massages have many positive effects. It is all about blood circulation and stimulate nerve endings along the spine and feet. Stimulation of blood circulation and accelerates the flow of oxygen and nutrients in a given area, thereby increasing and accelerating wash away waste products and hence their retention in the muscles. It follows that the massage and stimulation is beneficial to the overall regeneration. There is total relaxation, eliminate stress and fatigue, leads to the correct functioning of all internal organs.

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