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Description of the disease

Depression is a mental state characterized by excessive sadness that does not match the circumstances causing the victim mental anguish and pain. It is often accompanied by loss of self-esteem, feelings of inferiority and guilt, different fears and anxiety, pessimistic view of the future. ( Source )

Depression and Hemp

For the treatment of depression can be used as hemp (cannabis sativa) and Indian hemp (Cannabis indica). Hemp is used to treat rare, has had an energizing effect. Most of those who suffer from depression, is simultaneously also a serious disease and is not appropriate for the treatment of "blistering energy." For most conditions, it is better to use Indian hemp - better after resting and sleeping. ( Source )

If you are looking for an alternative in the treatment of your problem and you want to be treated preparations of cannabis under medical supervision, we offer the opportunity to participate in theexploratory study pro. Here you will find a list of the conditions listed exploratory studies.

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