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Cannabis Socks Medic


Socks made from hemp because hemp fiber have excellent properties. They keep the feet in good microclimate, destroying fungi, inflammation, prevent sweating and odor. For its healing capabilities keep feet healthy, has a stimulating effect on the foot.

Konopné ponožky Medic          Vzhled Konopných ponožek Medic

Receptors on the sole of the foot has a very positive effect on the whole body, including internal organs. To points on the leg widely used reflexology and Chinese medicine for many thousands of years. Releasing the foot release and other body parts. Strengthening the stability, is achieved by strengthening the deep stabilizing system of the body. When stimulation of the receptors of nerve endings in the foot there is a balance of yin-yang. All this testifies how important it is to take care of your feet.

Akupresura nohou - Konopné Ponožky     Info about acupressure foot here  

The material from which the socks are knitted, it is very hard, does not change the shape, color, moisture wicking feet. To soften hemp fiber (hemp fiber is pretty rough), we added to it cotton. Cotton is absorbent, soft, flowing, pleasant to the touch. Both materials, however, are inflexible, so we joined them yet elastic fiber. The sock is knitted by special technology, so that hemp fiber was directly in contact with the skin. Hemp fiber is guided around the elastic fibers and cotton.

Composition: 20% hemp, 60% cotton, 20% elastic fiber

Maintenance: Údržba Konopných ponožek

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