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Cannabis Body Lotion


Lightweight hemp soothing lotion with cooling effect suitable for daily skin treatment of the whole body. Suitable for bathing, sports, sunbathing, massage and a punctured skin. 

MINT: the main ingredient, which contains menthol mint. It evokes a feeling of coldness and numbness. 

HYALURONIC ACID belongs polysaccharides (glycans), which are the most prevalent type biopolymers in nature. They are an important component of cell walls of organisms and multicellular organisms, extracellular matrix and body fluids. Hyaluronic acid is for cosmetics and beauty products literally a blessing. Plays for her and that it is a completely natural and the body's own molecules. Can the skin retain large amounts of water and keeps it constant humidity.

Konopné Tělové Mléko (Cannabis Body Lotion)

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