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Strong colostrum (Strong Colostrum) 

 Second bovine colostrum is in the quality HIGH PROTEIN contains a minimum of 80% proteins. Is guaranteed a high content of immunoglobulins, proteins, antibody-based, which are responsible for resistance. The content of immunoglobulins gig least 30g/100g. The content of natural growth factors IGF-1 is at least 100-200 mcg/100g. 

What is colostrum: 
Medicine in the currently widely used antibiotics to save lives and health. As a result of their excessive use and frequent use for minor ailments, it is less resistant to bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Total immunity in humans is due to this fact decreases. Prevention in this case is to restore the body's natural defenses against exposure to bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic fungi.

Strong Colostrum

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