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Medicinal Cannabis
Newsletter - Cooperation


As I already wrote. Your tremendous interest in the issue of cannabis treatment I was very pleasantly surprised. Concurring opinion has sent several thousand candidates.

After evaluation form Feedback interested in this issue, I decided to intensify the exchange of information. therefore apologize for Castes correspondence. Otherwise, the current results can be found here .

I also thoroughly read through your Writing a comment. Among the respondents are people who are desperately seeking help, relief alternative. But there are also professionals (or those who want to become).


1 / Accept only informative report on the treatment of cannabis. 
2 / Actively involved in popularization of this miraculous herbs.

The second group would like to tell that right now there is a great opportunity. 
You know the deal with cannabis for some time and the whole time I was convinced that what is not home made, has a healing effect. 
I found (and checked himself) that it is not. There are legal products (not manufactured on the knee), but effective, with the appropriate certificates and examinations. 

It is a Czech company in starting with a complete range of products for health and active cosmetics. I have verified wearing to work. 
I do not want to advertise and not something you worry about., With the candidates you like vyměním correspondence must speak personally and look at options.

Just to reply to a received E-mail - do not bother everyone else. .


I promise that the next report will be about Endo cannabinoid system {#emotions_dlg.popofeel_good}

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Yours sincerely, 
Lubomir Ing.Matiaško

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