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Medicinal Cannabis
Info Občasník - Acknowledgements

Hello and thank you for your consent. .

Today, perhaps every sensible man must admit that Cannabis (Marijuana) has proven medicinal effects. The proof is thousands of years old and hundreds of studies performed. 
Given that the patients according to the law approved access to therapeutic cannabis still do not, the process of decriminalization of cannabis continues. 

The advanced world does not detract from the path of repression, but legalization, decriminalization and prevention. 
This process has a great weight to the view and the actions of the general public.

And that's why I also started this discussion: (thank you in advance for all opinions) 
ANONYMOUS FaceBook talk out here . . 
Discussion on FaceBook here . .

Your tremendous interest in the issue of cannabis treatment I was very pleasantly surprised. Concurring opinion has sent several thousand candidates.

Evaluation Feedback interested in this issue (need to add your opinion), I was shocked and in total. The results suggest a desperate patients and the inability of the state.Otherwise, the current results can be found here .

I also thoroughly read through your Writing a comment. Among the respondents are people who are desperately seeking help, relief alternative. But there are also professionals (or those who want to become). 


Other Options: 

1 / Accept only informative report on the treatment of cannabis. You have already registered. Logout make reference to the end of each message. 
2 / Actively involved in popularization of this miraculous herbs and distribute cannabis products, log still here .

You know the deal with cannabis for some time and the whole time I was convinced that what is not home made, has a healing effect. 
I found (and checked himself) that it is not. There are legal products (not manufactured on the knee), but effective, with the appropriate certificates and examinations. 



Yours sincerely, 

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