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Medicinal Cannabis

Info Občasník - Endo Cannabinoid System

Cannabinoids are compounds that occur in nature only in Cannabis. Our body but also produces endocannabinoids. They bind to cannabinoid receptors and their means of acting on an organism. 

The main carrier of hallucinogenic effects (estimated at 70-100%) is probably D9-tetrahydrocannabinol (D9-THC or just THC).? 

CBD (cannabidiol) modulates the psychoactive effects of THC, alone has a mild sedative effect. His significant therapeutic effects have recently been widely investigated. Medically, it was demonstrated that relieves cramps, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea and also inhibits the growth of tumor cells. Recent studies showed that cannabidiol is as effective as antipsychotic drugs used for treating schizophrenia. The study also showed that it can relieve the symptoms of dystonia (involuntary muscle contractions that cause abnormal movements and positions). 

CBN (cannabinol) THC molecules decay occurs in poorly stored and dried cannabis (light, heat, air). Its content in the product, thus increasing the expense of THC. It has a mild psychoactive effects - these tend to be dazed and confused. Use CBN in medicine is rather marginal, the activity of the receptor works like THC, but with a much weaker effect. 

CBG (Kanabigerol) is not psychoactive, however, has a therapeutic effect (cancer of the bone marrow, venous ulcers, shingles, destroy surface bacteria, inhibits cell growth and stimulates bone growth). 

THCV (Tetrahydrokanabivarin) modulates the metabolism of THC, has strong anti-inflammatory effect. THCV data on the effect on humans is very little, but animal experiments is known to act faster than THC and its effect wears off too quickly. 

CBC (Kanabichromen) itself has psychoactive effects, but probably influences the course of intoxication (found in highly potent plants and thus it is assumed that act synergistically with THC - increases its activity.) Data on this substance, however, is still very little. 

CBL (Kanabicyklol) probably not plentiful psychoactive effects and nor does it state after ingestion of THC. Medical effect on humans is unknown. 

CBDV (cannabidivarin) stimulates bone growth. 

THCA (Tetrahydrokanabinolová acid) is a mild analgesic and has a calming effect and counteracts spasms. 

And as for the human organism cannabinoids act together? List the effects are really long (until it does not want to believe).


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As you can see, the CBD in terms of its effect in treating a great perspective.

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