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Gone with the Acidity!  ( Kurt Tepperwein ) 

Hyperacidity organism causes most diseases in the body: 
1/ Loss of minerals , alkaline buffers deficit leads to pathological mineralization of bone loss occurs and excessive brittleness (osteoporosis , arthritis, dental caries , periodontitis , wrinkles , hair loss ... ) .
2/ calcification, ie uncoordinated accumulation of calcium in the body, calcification leads to clogging and popping blood vessels ( heart attacks , strokes , hemorrhoids , varicose veins , damage to the intervertebral discs, inguinal hernia , formation of stones ... ) .
3/ deposition of substances that should be eliminated from the body , the body is then the hazardous waste accumulates ( rheumatism , gout , arthritis , kidney overload , impaired blood circulation, loss of hearing and sight , gray or glaucoma , atherosclerosis , edema, mold, old age spots , acne , allergies , eczema , purulent tonsils , psoriasis , boils , sweaty feet and plaque
4/ loss of natural immunity against common infectious diseases , from the common cold .
5/ cell mutations ( cancer disease).
6/ Reduced blood oxygenation .

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