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Hope called the CBD ( CanaBiDiol )

After decades when the main interest of varieties with a high content of THC , are now the subject of interest of hemp varieties rich in CBD available for medical use.

CBD or Canabidiol is one of the three main canabinoidu , which is located in Cannabis . It is a substance that has health benefits , but does not affect the psyche. Indeed, in addition regulates the euphoric sensation of the consumption of THC.

Reduced psychoactivity creating new treatment options for patients seeking help for depression , pain , anxious states , antispasmodic without side effects such as euphoria or lethargy caused by the effects of THC .

Scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD may be effective in alleviating the symptoms of a wide variety of other diseases , including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes , alcoholism , PTSD , epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections and in the case of neurological disorders .
CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective effects and antirakovinný potential is currently investigated in several research centers in the U.S. and other countries.

CBD capsule: the flowers of female plants of the variety that is high in CBD packed into capsules . Cannabis is currently " ordained " by the " patient " to obtain information about the illness , treatment history , ... patient agrees to the terms ... a.t.d. and he is selected to measure an appropriate variety and " packed into capsules ," or " Prescribing " another form , such as extract , ointment , vaporization , ...


S " ordinováním " Hemp otherwise than by a doctor and only in accordance with the existing law ( but this method is still functional) is difficult.
If Cannabis provided ( sold , donated , the research ... or otherwise ) anyone other than a doctor, so is committing a crime. I do not understand why this is so ? ! ?

Thus ended Educational Clinic in Prague and therefore Mr. Dušan Dvořák 's " neck " fifth charge ( http://konopijelek.cz/?stranka=kontakt ) , therefore, was judged by Mrs Bushka ( http://www.bushka.cz/ hemp / ohlasy.html ) ... a.t.d. a.t.d.
It is therefore not surprising that the above examples are all extremely cautious.

How would you have behaved . if they were treating your child or family member ? You wait until the current law functional and hemp legally you buy in a pharmacy ?
In such a situation, there are hundreds of people in the country. Even the people that the "official medicine" disowned because they can not help . And yet they are not allowed to choose a method of treating cannabis , even after signing reversion at your own risk . They move to the edge of the law ( see : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=613050195401894&set=a.559488837424697.1073741826.547730021933912&type=1&theater )
which is not suitable for the patient or for research.


What do you think ?
Response to be discussed below: http://konopijelek.blogspot.cz/2012/03/pribeh-nadeje-nazyvajici-se-cbd.html

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If you've read this far : Please share , please forward the doctors , medics , ... and the general public :-)


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