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Rusting earth's axis

For some it may have on "Legalization of Marijuana" has the same meaning as in the topic title. Simply does not address the legality. Ignoring existing legislation (or do not want to admit it), but do not realize that Marijuana have just banned.

Sometimes it's only a play on words: the legalization - decriminalization. It's not the same thing, but it is only a level of relaxation.
See other note: http://www.facebook.com/notes/konop%C3%AD-l%C3%A9%C4%8Div%C3%A9/legalizace-dekriminalizace/153249454872131

Legalize Marijuana? That is the question! YES - NO - with the condition. . ?
And what do you actually mortal mind when they hear "Marijuana"?
Is it a cure? Drug or automatically (in terms of psychoactive substances)?

Tick one box and learn it (see link):


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