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Production of extracts - FASTER METHOD - Please Comment

Standard procedure by Rick Simpson is that the polymer solution was concentrated by heating and then the solvent was evaporated.
Procedure to be made here:

In 1996, I addressed this phase to another occasion, but I believe that this method would go also use the thickening of the solution - in the manufacture of extracts of cannabis.

The principle of "rapid methods" thickening lies in the fact that the solution is blowing compressed air through a nozzle from a common compressor. And it may not even be god knows how much pressure. Simply really low, so the air flow causing "licking" and partial turbulence level solution. Given the volatility of the solvent evaporates much faster and at a much lower energy costs than heating. The parameters refer to utility models.
Evaporation leads to chilling the solution, thereby to maintain the evaporation rate is appropriate to maintain a temperature of 20-40 ° C.
If you keep the temperature under Rick Simpson and manufacture of extracts, although the energy-intensive app as well, but you produce it very quickly.

Of course, it neodbourá dangerously explosive vapors and hood is needed, but the process is much faster.

Unfortunately I do not currently an option (material), I tried it. So please any "manufacturer extract" to try it in practice.

I'll be glad for the feedback.

Utility model:

Application of the invention:

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