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Discussion : Questions related to marijuana in medicine

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This note is intended as a discussion of the professional public . It is clear to me that here " Mudr " can be attributed to anyone. But I believe that doctors addressing email will prevail in the debate .

Personally, I believe that in many cases, cannabis is more effective and cheaper alternative than practice " modern medicine" . Because professional public opinion has weight , was this discussion .

Design of several topics for discussion :

Doctors have enough knowledge to be able to prescribe cannabis ?
Is the existing law " Cannabis in pharmacy " , the appropriate solution?
They would welcome your professional seminars for medical marijuana ?

Cannabis is not in medicine effective ?
Or is it just a placebo effect?

You are at greater repression Hemp and why ?
Are you for the decriminalization of cannabis and why ?
It needed some regulation and how ?

We welcome collaboration with the community addictologist ?

Share , Please forward this discussion doctors , health professionals , ...

Information about Treatment of cannabis :

If you would like to actively support the process , connect your voice to some of the activity :

Short anket the effects of Cannabis products :

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burn :
Left: patláno four days antibiotic cream
Right: one lubricated hemp oil


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