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Legalization - Decriminalization

In a few topics that I have on FB " cast " the discussion also touched on the question: " if cannabis ( marijuana) legalized or not. 's Why I decided to address this issue a separate note .

Legalization is not the same as Decriminalization ?

= Decriminalization decriminalize it . Decriminalize what is ethically desirable. The term is mainly used in conjunction sick = patient = cannabis users. Many patients = cannabis users would certainly help if they did not move in irregular plane , risking scrape with the police and the courts. And for their treatment they could grow their own ( legally and cheaply ) .
Another plane that decriminalization concerns is the level of research. Just odkriminalizovat only patients, but also for the research and experimental purposes .
See the proposal must be " samopěstování from Mrs. Bushka : https://www.facebook.com/notes/bushka-bryndova/n%C3%A1vrh-z%C3%A1kladn%C3%ADch-princip%C5%AF-samol%C3%A9%C4%8Dby-konop%C3%ADm-k-diskusi/10150894498202349
It is classically pure form Decriminalization .
Decriminalization therefore contains essential regulatory elements , but also makes hemp ethically desirable purposes.

Legalization = is the recognition enactment . The term is most often used in the sense of "full license " the cultivation and use of cannabis ( more marijuana) . Such legalization , in my opinion, it is difficult to imagine in practice . Even states that have gone down this path , set some regulatory elements. For example, in Uruguay her law makes a state monopoly and wants to have everything under your thumb . In America we can talk more about decriminalization (only for therapeutic purposes , ... ) and the Netherlands is regulated legalization , but at the same time freest form in Europe.
Uruguayská form in itself is likely to include everything well known for alcohol and cigarettes. This means taxes and de -facto state -determined prices for the commodity . Plus licensing and establishment corruption ( I can not imagine a state monopoly without corruption).
Legalization is thus the largest degree of freedom .

Legalization CONTROL = about most feasible ( sub) form - the way . A depends only on local traditions, cultural , ethical and social history, such as the peace - which the state chooses.
I think it would be right unfortunate if a form of controlled legalization has set the conditions where the price sits on the level of prices on the black market . This would happen only became " official dealer " and panned in taxes , but did not address the problems associated with drug use.

Objectives should be much more fundamental :
1 / Access Cannabis patients
2 / Access cannabis for research and experimental purposes
3 / eliminate the influence of drug mafia
4 / eliminate the influence of the pharmaceutical mafia ( deliberately writing in a separate section , because its importance deserves a separate item )
5 / eliminate subsequent crime arising from the black market
6 / Increase and maintain the quality of the product distributed
1 / The Act also provide for informational, educational and training programs

In the Czech Republic there are different groups and different individuals who cover the whole spectrum of opinions .

It is a pity that they are not united, so do not cooperate and shatter strength and effect. They are also individuals who ignore the law and ignores reality. Members of these groups are therefore invited to the decision- making process. The proof is valid existing law that was worthy goal, but it became a dysfunctional mockery .

Eventually everything will depend solely and only to MPs and government, which form and which regulatory conditions chosen .

„Žití, to je největší umění na světě, neboť většina lidí pouze existuje.“ Oscar Wilde