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Assisted suicide prosecutors, or What's Next?


A brief accompanying text I shared the article on FB fate, state despotism and the Virgin Mary Brodsky. Article saw thousands of readers, and the total number of panelists are hundreds! Both numbers still rising!

( http://nymbursky.denik.cz/nehody/rozdalovice_brodska.html )

I was convinced that people are afraid to talk about marijuana. But the hundreds of chatters suggests that this is not true. Thanks to all of you in some way to express your opinion!

But what to do next to ensure that such an event has already occurred? In one of my post, I outlined a few steps. I do not know. So far it has remained largely unnoticed. Therefore I will be glad for your comments on this concept.


The basic concept attributes are:

a / To process involve the widest possible expertise - the medical community.

b / Increase the number and unify existing case report treated patients.

c / To increase the awareness of the general public - patients on treatment with hemp.



1 / It would be appropriate to present a case study (documented cannabis treatment) to unite into a single database so that the effect of fragmenting into various activist groups, but showed weight single file. You need more documented cases under medical supervision and supplement those unified database. Considerable effect it will also research!

2 / Marketing Campaign - E-mail marketing. This can be done for free, while Non-spam. In the first phase, the target group "Doctors and professional community" (important to balance expert opinion). This rozdiskutuje experts, then complete database of case studies, strengthen research and the issue of "educated" medical community.

3 / E-mail marketing to target group "general public" (weight of petitions, rally participants, complaints, submissions, etc) and especially greater awareness about the treatment of cannabis.

It would be only the first step and would need to continue.

4 / To process involve official medical institution CLK. This must be the guarantor of the educational process of physicians. In the interest of medical education, therefore, initiate formal educational program "Treatment of cannabis." After all, how much is in Czech doctors who focus on the issue? And it would have next year to prescribe cannabis to patients from pharmacies!? It is high time to start!

5 / Promote a more fundamental issue in the media and press. Here it will probably be more on personal contacts. Therefore, it could be the start of the regional media.


I hear (actually see) your critical comments about what I idealist and najivka? But that's right, because somehow you need to nudge the process of legalization and me it does not seem like a bad practice.


Write and just to me. .

„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich