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Training and Seminars

Basic information

A summary of basic information:'s not easy to bring in a nutshell the basic range of information, where cannabis helps. The effect of cannabis is so broad, that a lot of information. Link to the overview of the site, where I bring an economical quick information.

I chose a few specific cases:
1 / Cannabis and Diabetes - Article
2 / Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, glaucoma, etc. - video
3 / Scientific study on the impact of cannabis - Review Forum
4/ 700 studies on Cannabis - links
5/ 105 studies - links


Seminars and Presentations

1 / Order presentation consultant who will advise you what product is best for your problem the best.? Long been engaged in holistic medicine, we can provide their consumers with free and valuable information on how to deal with health problems, diseases and assist in selection of suitable products. Holistic medicine can work out with other causes of illness, which conventional medicine does not address.?

2/ I am interested in the distribution of natural health products, cosmetics and Active Wear  based on cannabis. want to be actively involved in popularizing the miraculous herbs and distribute cannabis hemp products from Czech firm? You can actually combine business with pleasure. At the presentation, you will learn all the details. Subscribe here

3/ Use of marijuana in medicine - Registration : The seminar discussions. Not yet determined a specific date. Please register here interest and the specific term you will be informed.  They are designed for professionals - doctors. Information of this nature, doctors will come in handy in 2014, when it will be able to prescribe cannabis in pharmacies. How much are doctors who are knowledgeable about this issue?

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