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Suppositories of extracts Instruction

Instructions for the production of

Ingredients for 50 suppositories of 1g

5 grams of hemp oil (residue or phoenix tears) 
40 g of cocoa butter 
2.5 grams of shea butter 
2.5 grams of cannabis oil


Prepare plastic molds for 50 cones and fasten them to the improvised stand, so that they can comfortably perform.

Čípková material is prepared either under radiators, or crash into a beaker immersed in hot water, it can reheat hairdryer. Operating temperature is 30-35 degrees, and should not be exceeded, because then there would cocoa butter may not properly solidify.

First in a beaker in a water bath melt the shea butter in hemp oil. In hot water heat through a syringe with hemp oil and measure out the required amount directly into the beaker. Tightly mix to extract dissolved.

Stir in cocoa butter and intensively mix until dissolved. We are watching for the temperature to exceed 35 degrees. Once all the cocoa butter is melted, aspirated into a clean 25 ml syringe Suppository mass of the beaker and fill the prepared mold up to the rim. If necessary, we can rest suppository mass gently warm to go more sucked into the syringe during the second round performance.

Carefully place the filled mold into the refrigerator and chill. Then suppository mold plaster the closing paper tape and placed into boxes.


In the treatment of cancer, insomnia and severe pain is very well proved cones with hemp oil as a residue, also called phoenix tears. Introducing the night or as needed, starts working within half an hour.

This kind of treatment is very suitable for the treatment of cancer affecting organs in the abdominal cavity or body parts to be that find immediately underneath. Psychoactive effect is much weaker than oral use Fénixových tears. Extract for this purpose is prepared from a highly potent varieties of Cannabis indica type strongly releasing and sedative effects.

Published with the kind permission of Mrs. Bushka ( Source )

„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich