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Konospray à la Teta Bushka

This is actually a Czech home Sativex recipe Mrs. Bushka. Bushka herself says: "I was inspired by the British patent spray Sativex based on cannabinoids and instructions for Pegasus drops from the internet and modified them according to their chemistry knowledge and practical experience in processing hemp." Source )

The discoverer of the first endocannabinoids anandamide and world-famous scientist of Czech origin doc. Dr.. Lumír Ondřej Hanus MD., Dr.h.c. found the process of preparing Konospreje professional and robust. (Source)

Instructions to manufacture

Raw materials 
Used Hemp - 100 g inflorescence outdoor sativových hybrids on the estimated average THC potency of 5%, so the buds might have 10-15% THC. The plant material was not pre-heat treated, but it went through 5 monthly natural decarboxylation during storage and a 10-minute dosušením at 100 degrees just before processing. The plant material was finely crushed and sifted. 
As extraction agent I used medical petrol (2.5 liters). Other raw materials used also have pharmaceutical purity - 150 ml of propylene glycol (PPG), 13 g of active carbon, 140 ml 60% alcohol and 2.5 liters of distilled water. 

I did percolation extraction - finely shredded material, pour solvent in diverting funnel with filter and allow to soak 4 minutes. After this time, while slow přilévání solvent extracted slowly drained solution to clean it completely displaces solvent. 
Saturation of the solution I tried tactile method - when sticky fingers, is not yet saturated. The required amount of solvent is directly dependent on the potency of the extracted material, so that it can from case to case vary! 

Dry extract from chlorophyll 
Up to 2.5 liters of petrol extract I added 13 g of activated carbon and after half an hour with occasional stirring, I filtered it. I have removed and pigment chlorophyll (30%), which is present only in medically insignificant concentration, but is subject to thermal degradation and pollutes extract.

Evaporation of the solvent and volume reduction 
In pročištěného gasoline extract I added the same amount of distilled water and 150 ml of propylene glycol in a ratio of 1.5 ml of PPG to 1 gram of cannabis. Stirring frequently, I cook this mixture for several hours until boiling gasoline and reduce the volume of less than one liter. On the surface during boiling created a dense oily eye - melted wax contained in the extract. 

Remove wax 
Then I let the solution cool down to stiff waxes, and filtered it. I got the large amount of ballast - an estimated half the weight fénixových tears made from the same initial quantity of cannabis (I did not have patience to scrape it off the filter and weighed exactly - so just a guess). 

Then I mix the extract with water PPG cook until boiling water. While at the same time I checked the decarboxylation step by taste - carboxylic acids are hot, so with a little experience can tell whether or not they are still present. 

The finished extract and preparation of the solution into the spray 
I got 140 ml pročištěného extract complex of active ingredients of cannabis containing mainly cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids extracted in propylene glycol (PPG). The loss was 10 ml, but would be limited - I spilled a little in the filtration. 
The extract was made from the same amount of cannabis that would be needed to prepare 15 ml of hemp oil-residue called a phoenix tears, produced by the classical pathway by Rick Simpson. 
After subsequent dilution of the extract obtained 1:1 with 60% alcohol (to improve viscosity and softness spray) I received 280 ml Konospreje. According indicative calculations Konospreje 10 ml contains 370 mg of THC, so that the same fineness as the sputtering Sativex (10 ml = 90 injections), one based on the injection of 4 mg of THC, as compared with 2.7 mg of THC in British drug. Share CBD and other active substances not yet possible without chemical analysis to detect because they know my concentration in cannabis.



Konosprej is administered parenterally (parenteral route), it is injected directly under the tongue to the oral mucosa. Through the use of PPG and alcohol as a medium for the active substance is absorbed very quickly and pass into the bloodstream (PPG increases min. 10x absorption of active ingredients). 

Increased bioavailability = reduction of cannabis 
This way the application does not called first-pass effect when the active ingredient gets into the digestive tract and liver passes metabolic changes, which severely slows the onset of action and modify its properties. 

Applications under the tongue thus has a significant effect on the bioavailability of the drug, ie.what it takes and use the body for treatment (eg injection bioavailability is 100%). For nepročištěného-extract residue (Fénixových tears) the bioavailability estimated at 5 to 20%, while Konospreje be similar to Sativex or vaporization, or 50-80%. 

Spray takes 5-20 minutes, initially until tolerance develops, the psychoactive works about four hours, but therapeutically much longer, up to twice this time - and its onset and effects does not affect the status of filling the stomach. Onset should also suit people with asthma, if applied in time and are not fit to develop. 

The effect is very different compared to untreated evaporators of the same material - after Konospreji not so severe mental states and there are no problems with the digestion. 

The patient in a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, which bear extract in the form of residue due to serious problems with bowel motility after Konospreji avoid them no adverse effects.


KONOSPRAY and treatment of diabetes II. TYPE (updated March 6)

Konosprej also effectively regulates blood sugar in diabetes - diabetes mellitus II. - Now spreading endemic in our population, especially older ones. I have this chronic disease dangerous to the bad consequences of my legal wrangling and the stress of prosecution dangerously destabilized, so in the last 4 years, my blood sugar fluctuated between 10 to 18 units (mmol / l), with fluctuations of up to 27 units, which have It is extremely dangerous. 

It did not help me anymore dieting, otékaly my legs to elephant proportions, catching me in them often cramps, I was constantly sick, I was tired, depressed and I really did not sleep due to frequent urination. But not only that - the blood sugar even more worse my deep vein thrombosis, my joints and wrists weakened and mlžil my eyes, just as well regardless of the prosecution and the endless running around the courts was life under the weather with a view of the life expectancy barely 10 years old. 

Only in the summer of 2009, after the deployment of the hemp oil as Fénixových tears blood sugar levels began to stabilize and reduce and then I started to feel better and overall. But the really significant improvement in my health condition occurred only a month ago when I started using this new extract in a spray bottle and apply it in the morning and evening before meals. 

Now I've found that if your daily dose of extract evenly decompose so that the paint surfacer 2 under the tongue 10-15 minutes before each meal (5 meals a day) and 2 more times before bed - a total of 0.8 ml = 12 sprayed from a spray dose- 10 ml = 150 sprays. The dose of 10 ml Konospreje me that lasts to 12.5 dne.Po monthly usage already have the psychoactive effects Konospreje developed tolerance so that it is practically not and does not feel to me does not prevent normal functioning. 

In the last 4 days I experimented and regularly measured blood sugar levels before meals and one hour and two after it - the result is simply incredible, blood sugar remains within the range of 2-3 units throughout the day. And do not hold any strict diet normally treat myself to a coffee cream, sweet cakes, homemade bacon eggs etc. 

Once I get a test strip into the (borrowed) of the meter, I'll do a new test with measurement of blood sugar throughout the week as accurate unlashing food consumed. Such research could already tell doctors how to structure a scientific study to deal with the effects of cannabinoids, already known from recent research in the USA with the vaporization of cannabis diabetics.



Sativex is sold in a 10 ml vial, which will issue approximately 90 doses of the spray. In addition to its absurd price 125 pounds sterling (about 4000 CZK) blame him and that his producers conceived the treatment of cannabis technocratic manner and "drew" him from extracts derived from cultivars bred for maximum yield major cannabinoids - delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ) and cannabidiol (CBD). 

Such artificial and unnatural mix of cannabinoids would no longer have to be as safe as conventional plant hemp because it is there to amplify some of their adverse effects - but a few will bring some of them - THC may reduce immunity and CBD increases platelet production. 

And in this mix of active ingredients completely lacking in the production of unreasonably carefully removed terpenes, which, although in cannabis are contained only in small quantities, but they are known to act in synergy and have next to their own therapeutic effects especially significant modulatory effect on already said main cannabinoids. Patent Sativex but explicitly stated that terpenes, which are located in other plants than cannabis are just ballast without significant therapeutic value! 

Terpenes however bind to the CB1 receptors and affect the way they also bind main cannabinoids.Terpenes also stimulate apoptosis in the tumor and enhance the anticancer effects of the main cannabinoids etc. 

I believe that the correct principle of cannabis treatment should be similar to the one used in Israel in greenhouses state hemp treatment program (together with the team of Prof. them. Raphael Mechoulama in which the lecturer Lumír O. Hanus). There are able to cultivate cannabis plants meet specific requirements of the treatment of certain groups of diseases. The local breeders are even able to meet the individual needs of difficult to treat patients and breed them for mothers, from which cuttings are then taken to the cultivation of medicinal plants at peace. 

For such plants should produce a cure as Sativex. For most patients, had only a few basic types, which are produced as standard, while special cases could set up a special department where they are bred and tested different varieties of cannabis in cooperation with these patients. It would help not only sick people but also scientific research, and found it so interesting and well-paid jobs for skilled grower who would be able to devote to his hobby in safety and without fear of police intervention.


Phoenix tears versus KONOSPRAY

According to the previous two-week experience in the management of their own and several others, I have carefully assess the effectiveness Konospreje and compare it with classical therapeutic effect of extract in the form of residue alias Fénixových tears. 

The quantity used cannabis before I normally receive 15 g residue, which I took at a dose of 0.2 g daily. Total I 100 g of cannabis inflorescence usually prepared daily doses of 75, which I last for 2.5 months. 

100 g of the same hemp a new method produced 280 ml Konospreje, which for me is the treatment for more than one year. 

Only 10 ml Konospreje contains my 20 daily doses in the therapeutic effect of 4 g Fénixových tears.The conversion of I 2 ml Konospreje achieve similar therapeutic effect as of 1 gram of residue. 

To prepare 10 ml Konospreje was enough 3.6 g hemp, while the production of 4 g of extract by classical methods Rick Simpson I usually consumed 27 g hemp buds. 

With the new method of preparing the extract I therefore estimated to have reached about 7.5 times more effective in treatment than using Fénixových tears produced from the same amount of cannabis. 

The explanation for this radical increase efficiency and extract significant reduction cannabis consumption required for the treatment consists of both a high purity extract in Konospreji which increases its efficiency, as is well known, a pure substance in the body effectively operates. 

The second, equally important reason is the use of parenteral routes in the application Konospreje and avoidance of first-pass effect that the product does not fall into the digestive tract in any significant quantities. Konosprej is quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa into the blood stream and goes straight through to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain without being "stuck" in the digestive tract. Moreover, as there is no significant loss of active substances in the intestines or feces to their exclusion as Fénixových tears.


Temperature during decarboxylation HEMP - Pharmacy versus Herbology

The pharmaceutical hemp processing, the main purpose of obtaining THC and CBD as cheaply as possible, so they use a very high temperature in a short time, but destroys the other active substances with a lower point of decomposition. It's technocratic approach is not appropriate in herbalism. 

Generally, the more gentle the decarboxylation of bylinkářské purposes is used at a temperature up to 100 degrees, but even this will not prevent some degree of thermal degradation of THC adverse CBN. 

Would be most appropriate use of bubble-bags and ice cold extraction from naturally dekarboxylovaného cannabis. It is recommended that cannabis to treat naturally dekarboxylovalo one year. As a reasonable compromise, I see several days decarboxylation at low temperature in the oven for fruits or similar device.

Published with the kind permission of Mrs. Bushka

„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich