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Hemp oil (cannabis extract)

Hemp oil by Rick Simpson legally can not buy. You it must "grow" Sold legal name extract Sativex.Sativex is an oral spray developed by British company GW Pharmaceuticals for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who can use it to alleviate neuropathic pain, cramps, excessive urination and other symptoms. Sativex is also prescribed for the relief of cancer pain. Price: about 8000 CZK per gram of extract, ie. 15 - 40 000 CZK / month depending on the type of disease and individual responses.

Method according to Rick Simpson

Quantity: I usually work with Kile half or more of good quality cannabis. You can use even one ounce (31.1 grams). From that normally produces three to four grams of extract. The amount of extract ounces of each variety will be different. Of all but be prepared extract with amazing healing properties.


1 - Give completely dry ingredients in a plastic container.

2 - Pour the solvent it that you choose. They may be used a number. I like the clean medical gasoline, but worth the $ 500 per barrel dvousetlitrový. There may be used as 99% isopropyl alcohol (or 96% alcohol, Ed. Cause.). Alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll than medical plant fuel.Extracts prepared with alcohol are darker, strength extract it but no effect. Extracts prepared with ether, medical gasoline, butane and many other solvents have a clear amber color. Clear extracts naturally look better, dark extracts but can be every bit as effective. While maintaining good manufacturing practice do not remain in the extract almost no or no residue (foreign substances).Extracts prepared using different solvents enjoying eight years and have not noticed any harmful effects. Not to the half pound of dried cannabis (raw materials) received THC, you will need approximately five liters of solvent. For the preparation of extracts from one ounce (31 grams) you need more than half a liter of solvent.

3 - Start mělnit and mixed vegetable material clean (untreated) wooden stick or something similar.You will see that material topped with a solvent can be easily crushed.

4 - Fill the solvent, it will not be until the starting material completely submerged. Then stir with a wooden stick and hold the plant material. THC when it is released into the solvent.

5 - Continue with the next three minutes.

6 - Pour the solvent into another container. Currently you have managed to get from plant material approximately 80% THC.

7 - Second round - repeat, pour vegetable material solvent, allow it to operate for approximately three minutes and get material remaining 20% THC.

8 - Pour the mixture into a solvent to extract container into which you have poured the first batch.

9 - Double-used plant material can be discarded or destroyed.

10 - Pour the mixture of solvent and extract into another clean container through a coffee filter.

11 - Evaporate solvent. In my experience, you can very well use an electric rice cooker. On my pot of rice do I set up two temperatures, high and low, and it fits into 2.5 l of extract and solvent.

12 - Pour the mixture and the solvent extract into the pot, approximately three-quarters.

Evaporation must be carried out in a well-ventilated area. At the point the pot fan to divert fumes away. The fumes are very flammable. There should not be any incandescent material. Watch the sparks and cigarettes etc. fumes could ignite.

13 - Turn on the rice cooker and set it to a high temperature.

14 - Allow the solvent to evaporate and gradually into pots filled through the rest of the mixture of solvent extract.

15 - At the end of evaporation of the mixture of solvent extract and add a few drops of water. Its amount depends on the amount of what you are doing extract raw materials. I, personally, when I do extract a pound of high-quality buds, add about ten drops of water.

16 - Once in a pot will remain only about two and a half centimeters mixture extract solvent, wear oven mitts (gloves), take the pot and start gently swirl the contents.

17 - Continue swirling the pot and swirl the contents until the solvent evaporates. The few drops of water helps release the solvent residues and to a certain extent extract protects against overheating. When the solvent evaporates, my pot automatically switches to a low temperature.This eliminates the risk of overheating extract. Temperature of the extract should never exceed 140 degrees Celsius.

18 - Put on your oven mitts and remove the pot from the inner container with rice extract.

19 - Carefully pour the extract into a stainless steel container.

20 - Put the container into the dehydrator or stand it on a low heat source, to be warmer for coffee.Final evaporation can take several hours, evaporate all the water but the rest of the volatiles. Once on the surface of the extract stops whatever happens is finished and ready for use.

21 - Pour the hot extract in bottles, or stretch it into a plastic syringe. The syringe extract easily dispensed.

The extract has a thick consistency after cooling lubricants. Some varieties, a very dense extract that from the syringe hard to get. In such cases, the extract using a syringe to give a few minutes in warm water.


The treatment of hemp oil

According to Rick Simpson hemp oil cures all types of cancer - wherever they are mutated cells - and many other serious diseases (often referred to as the "civilizing" and affecting mostly elderly people). Among others, these are diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammatory and ulcerative diseases (including full cure varicose ulcers), multiple sclerosis, hernia, hemorrhoids, migraine, AIDS, infections, burns, birthmarks problem, has a neuroprotective effect, substantially reduces the symptoms glaucoma. 
Start treatment extract may accompany heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Medication to control pressure in the treatment of extract usually be time to stop taking or reduce their dose because they become useless. Doses of painkillers after the start of treatment usually extract can be cut in half with a view to their complete elimination.

When treating extract also leads to regulation of body weight of the patient to "correct" value - in highly obese patients may be a loss of tens of kilograms. Do not attempt to make any diet, but intake of cannabinoids improve the metabolic system so that the body starts to get rid of excess fat.

Dosage in serious illness: a dose of half the size of rice grains 4 times a day, after 4 days of doubling the dose to the whole grain, and again after an additional 4 days until the patient is 1 ml per day. It is necessary for the care that the patient did not mind the psychoactive effect of the extract and adjust the dose is increased. After the treatment it is necessary to take further extract a maintenance dose of only 6-10 ml of extract per year.

Overdose extract does not cause any major damage, because usually only induces deep sleep, which is itself part of the healing process. From my own experience I know that at the beginning of treatments extract approximately one hour after its use rubbing the gums begin to feel drowsy, which would not prevent a moment should stretch out and relax. This daytime sleepiness after a few weeks will disappear, leaving only a good night's sleep.

In the treatment of skin cancer Simpson recommends local (topical) treatment for applying the patch to extract. After 3 days, the patches should be replaced and the procedure repeated. Cancer is usually cured in 3 weeks and does not return. Extract mixed with ointment by him for treatment of skin cancer symptoms fit, but attests to the prevention as a means of maintaining aging skin in a healthy condition. For cancer treatment must extract used undiluted. For the topical treatment of psoriasis, he proved tincture made from the extract dissolved in alcohol.

In the treatment of lung cancer Simpson recommends adding internal use vaporizováním extract extract or cannabis vaporizer.



Hemp oil will lower blood pressure. If high blood pressure are taking any medication, it soon may not need. The same is true for diabetics. I have witnessed that hemp oil zreguloval blood sugar so that it was not necessary to administer insulin.

I am not a doctor and I have no right to tell people what they should do. Personally, I would not have thought that I had to undergo any form of cancer treatment that offers our healthcare system. I do not recommend taking extract along with chemotherapy. What is the point of making your own cure and then from the health care system have put massive doses of poison?

Based on my experience with hemp medicine, I found that once someone starts taking hemp oil, usually no longer need most pharmaceutical drugs. Hemp oil is apparently well with most natural medications. A couple of times but I've heard from those who were trying to combine with pharmaceuticals that had a stomachache, etc. All these problems but stopped when stop taking prescription drugs.

I would like to welcome everyone who is using this information will try to help those whom they love, in the real world of medicine.

Once again I would like to warn you to be careful when you put solvent evaporation. The fumes are very flammable. There may not be anything hot, sparks, cigarettes etc. fumes could ignite. 

I wish you happiness and good health, 
Rick Simpson

Video Rick Simson of cannabis extracts here . .

Alternative production on the principle of Rick Simpson

This use of the principle and the resulting herbal extractor . Manufacturer but gives a higher yield, more comfortable and safer operation. Personally, I'm not sure the used extraction media - Butan.Link here . . Operation - Presentation - Instructions here .


„Na světě je zavedeno, že spousta hloupých si hraje na chytré. Z chytrých, kterých je na světě nedostatek, jen ti nejchytřejší si hrají na hloupé.“ Jan Werich