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Hemp oil

The production process

Seed oil is produced by pressing the seed. There are two ways oil vylisovat:

1 / Cold pressing: It's the better option. Cold-pressed oil is definitely better than oil for heat, because better preserves the active substances. Unfortunately, I found the technology for the extraction of oil for domestic cold conditions. But mention here as an alternative to domestic equipment manufacturers Farmet as - here If you decide to produce oil for cold in large quantities, so it is an option. . 
2 / shrink: Manual machine for hot stamping can do at home. Here are links: the Manufacturer ,Supplier and User Manual .


Treatment of hempseed oil is suitable complementary therapy for patients with atopic eczema, psoriasis or acne. Status of affected skin for first oil in some patients deteriorate. It may take two to three days, but it is usually a signal that starts the healing process.

Pressing oil from hemp seeds has reduced the psychotropic substances as hemp seeds do not contain THC in more than trace amounts, so they can act like a drug.

Hemp oil tolerate higher temperatures, it is best eaten cold, but fits well stewing and steaming, if the presence of water prevents high temperatures. The oil should be stored in a cool, dark place up to three months for food - after this time another three months suitable for outdoor use. ( Source)

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