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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

Hemp Chocolate


Dissolve 250 g hydrogenated fat in pan 20 minutes and in it fry crushed buds or leaves and buds (4:1) of female cannabis plants (25 g). Then the fat strain through canvas sheets squeeze spoon to therein captured least fat. Buds and leaves can still 1.5 hours boil the milk and get milk and hemp bhang. Sieved oil poured into the smaller saucepan, and a water bath (larger saucepan of boiling water or milk pot welding) into nalámat chocolate (4 table - 100 g) and add 50 g of powdered cocoa and half teaspoon cinnamon. All good heat the stirring frequently until the mixture is hot.

You can then pour on a flat plate and let harden, or spill into molds (like cubes or ice Christmas candy) and after solidification have great chocolate candies with therapeutic effect.

Published with the kind permission of Mrs. Bushka

„Kdo má tak málo fantazie, že své lži musí opírat o důkazy, měl by raději rovnou mluvit pravdu.“ Oscar Wilde