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Hemorrhoids are like the appendix - it is for everyone. Problems with hemorrhoids but has "only" almost every ..

As hemorrhoids are originally called vascular plexus in the rectum. This bundle consists of small arterioles that bring in blood from small veins that are doing it and couplings between them. When everything is fine, blood flows into the anal area and flows out again. However, when there is a malfunction of the system, comes the word hemorrhoids as it perceived by the public, namely the importance of problems with hemorrhoids. ( Source )

Hemorrhoids and Hemp

Due to anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of healing cannabis is predestined for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Treatment results are very favorable.

Using hemp cream

Affected area clean and paint the hemp cream .

If you are looking for an alternative in the treatment of your problem and you want to be treated preparations of cannabis under medical supervision, we offer the opportunity to participate in theexploratory study pro. Here you will find a list of the conditions listed exploratory studies.

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