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Hemp ointment User

Instructions to manufacture


White or even better (for allergies) yellow grease (to fetch a pharmacy in weight), lower female plant leaves and buds.

Value for money:

On 1 kg grease use a pint loosely strewn whole dried leaves (do not mention in grams, as the specific weight may vary depending on the degree of drying), a quarter liter of dried female flowers (buds - which should come from quality models). Mace is possible to replace the small leaves of indoor models.


- 1 part grease (use one half the amount) put into a large pot, melt the grease

- Dried leaves coarsely crush

- Throw into the pan and stirring frequently fry slowly for about 20 minutes

- Let cool slightly, carefully add 8 parts water and cook for about 1.5 hours

- Shut down and allowed to cool, has not stirred

- Cooled saucepan set over night in the refrigerator

- Carefully collect the grease solidified crust and water are remnants of leaves and stems spill

- The crust displace water well prohníst and be inserted into the wider vessel with looser cap and leave in darkness bedridden until the surface creates mold and inside there is alcoholic fermentation (2-3 weeks)

- The matured mixture add the second half of the grease dissolve all the pot boil until it is released from the odor after fermentation (about 15-30 minutes, but the time data is dependent on the total amount produced), and strain through coarse sieve ( attention, whether you ointment "miss", because on the surface creates a dense foam and high - so I recommend the highest pot filled with so halfway)

- Add finely crushed buds, pour into a smaller and higher container (I use jars) and stirring occasionally cook in a water bath for about an hour, until the surface begins to create foam (ointment is ideal to cook in a pot of milk with double bottom)

- Leave to cool, close the container and store in a cool, dark place

- Per week again boil in water bath for another week again

- Finished ointment strain through a clean cloth (canvas with remnants of cannabis not bother, famously worked as a poultice asthmatic as quickly releases the bronchus, is also useful in bronchitis or as a poultice for sore joints). Mast can be improved by adding more menthol or camphor (if intended for use on intact skin) or hemp oil (for treatment of skin diseases and affections). It also proved to add incense (olibánu) which has some similar effects of cannabis.

- Spill into cups, congeal

- Store in a cool, especially if you have added to the ointment, hemp oil, which is subject to rapid degradation. The ointment should be used within 6 months, when it is in the hemp oil and preferably within three months.

What are the effects of mast

1 / Anti-inflammatory and healing (THC - the active ingredient of cannabis has significant antiviral effects and mentally inactive precursor cannabidiol (CNB) is the bearer of antibiotic effects). That the medicinal půsbení need two substances that act in synergy already proved in the 50thBetween today internationally cited scientific work of the Czechoslovak team prof. Kabelík ).

2 / analgesic (painkiller).

3 / relaxing (relieves muscle tension, cramps).

4 / aphrodisiac (a recent scientific study proved to increase sexual desire in female rats, but experience has shown that this affects to humans, and in both sexes).


What ointment helps

1 / burns and scars - cool under a stream of cold water and paint thicker layer of ointment, after absorption re-lubricated.

2 / All kinds of abrasions, superficial cuts, inflamed pores (acne), sores caused by blockage of glands behind the ear (and animals), ingrown nails, corns, herpes, some fungi including white nail.

3 / Some types of psoriasis and atopic eczema.

4 / eczema on my elbows (skin as rough grater - I do not know the exact name, but it's a fairly common problem).

5 / Light arthritic (in II. Grade) and rheumatic pain, torticollis (which is when you get up in the morning and you can not turn on one side of the head).

6 / Backache - for instance, quickly remove the stinging pain and stiffness in muscles during the "mouse syndrome" (which is when a lot of time sitting at the computer and clicking your mouse when you hang the neck).

7 / Inflammation and swelling of the veins, leg ulcers, bruises as a bruised knee sprain and muscle pain.

8 / Menstrual pain (paint and massage the abdomen, most attractive person sex).

9 / Hemorrhoids.

10 / chronic laryngitis (suitable ointment is applied to Priessnitzovým tiles).

11 / Novice rhinitis, colds and sore throat (helps to release mucus - paint the nose and forehead, neck massage and wrap a scarf) will help with asthmatic symptoms, it releases breathing

12 / migraine headaches (painted forehead and temples)

13 / Glaucoma (combat eyelids before bed) - only as a supportive treatment!



- Nenatírat on bleeding wounds! Suppurating wounds first cleaned thoroughly and let it dry!

- For eczema and psoriasis after treatment with ointment may especially occur with hemp oil for a few days (up to 3 days) temporary worsening of symptoms - this is a sign of healing. If negative symptoms persist, you must stop using the ointment, because it may be the alegickou reaction.

- Joints, muscles or blood vessel inflammation nemasírovat, only good ointment rubbed into the skin!

Sourc: Bushka

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