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Literature on Cannabis

Below is a list of good literature on cannabis. Books from growing through processing to cooking.I highly recommend it. .

● Cannabis as medicine ( On-Line ) A unique memoir of prof. Jana Kabelík study the effects of cannabis. Today, thanks to the Czech research work we are talking about cannabis as penicillin for the 21 century, year of publication in 1955!

● Cannabis as medicine - Franjo Grotenhermen ( buy ) A practical guide on the use of cannabis to treat. Fundamental work of an expert on cannabis MD. Granjo Grotenhermena provides comprehensive and comprehensible interpretation of treatment options cannabis and its active ingredient dronabinol. There are detailed explanations and clarification of the use, side effects, dosage, and possible interaction effects with other medications. This book also contains valuable recommendations from years of author.


Cannabis and cannabis (buy) most recent research findings. The chapter on the treatment of cannabis prepared by leading Czech scientists Zábranský of Charles University and Lumír O. Hanus from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


 Book of Marijuana ( On-Line buy ) publication summarizes the findings of cannabis history of its cultivation and use, harvest, explains the chemical composition of the drug and its effects. The third, expanded edition. Epilogue Dr. Ivan Douda of foundation Drop In.

A book about marijuana

● Cooking with Cannabis   buy , download ) Not just another cookbook. But as a printed guide to expanding knowledge about cannabis. Most successful cannabis cookbook on the market. Normally after ingestion of hemp in food effects may come up after 90 minutes, most of the recipes in this book, but it was designed so that the effect was faster.



● Marijuana as Medicine ( buy ) Recipes and treatment of diseases of hemp. For nearly six thousand years of cannabis use to obtain fibers such as food and foodstuffs, but soon discovered his multifaceted therapeutic quality. Author: Ratsch, Christian



● Marijuana prohibited Medicine ( buy ) The book deals with the therapeutic use of cannabis in the past and present, incl. treating epilepsy, depression, and cancer. A very important and interesting book exist on the seriously - unlike many dubious pamphlets on the same subject - therapeutic use of cannabis in the past and the present, including the treatment of epilepsy, depression and cancer. In this important and provocative book describes two eminent researchers medical benefits of marihuana, explain why its use was forbidden, and argue for its full legalization to make it available to all patients who need it.



● Hemp for Health ( buy ) The apparent indifference of physicians should no longer be warrant that this medicine was still neglected. Chris Conrad promotes the usefulness of cannabis for almost a decade. (Facts about the medicinal effects of marijuana)



● Bake cannabis ( buy ) Book of great promoter of hemp and manager of the website as Spice Hemp (Cannabis as a spice) offers dozens of recipes for breads, sweets and drinks, the ingredients of cannabis, or hashish hemp seeds.



● Spirituality users of alcohol and marijuana ( buy ) The author examines the behavior of users of marijuana and alcohol as a ritual, which is treated as a source of human creativity while enabling result of experiencing something that goes beyond the ordinary everyday experience.



● Marijuana - Myths and Facts (Author: John P. Morgan and Lynn Zimmer) ( buy ) a popular form submitted scientific report shows that marijuana use can undoubtedly be harmful - but not nearly as much as harmful as false myths that surround it. The book is intended for adolescents and their parents, school anti-drug co-ordinators, police and the general public. They should know it, people who love marijuana, even those who hate



Books from JXDoležala :

● Marijuana helpful advice from J.X.D. ( buy , On-Line ) If you grow less than five cannabis flowers and hold less than fifteen grams of marijuana, nedopouštíte in the Czech Republic the offense, but the offense for which you may be punished by a fine of up to 15,000 CZK. Everything you of committing such an offense could want to know everything about marijuana and hemp cultivation in Bohemia, in brief, is given in this book. Manual prepared by the author of many books about marijuana, reportét Reflex Reflex Cannabis Cup coordinator George X. Dolezal



● Marijuana in 2000 from J.X.D. ( buy , On-Line ) is the story of a man who fully identified with the now fully acceptable by the idea of decriminalization and legalization of marijuana subsequent, though still a decade ago, such an approach seemed quite extreme.



● Marijuana from J.X.D. ( On-Line ) book published to protest against the prosecution of publishing Votobia, published on the day of the trial of the publisher, in January 1997.



● Marijuana from J.X.D. ( On-Line ) The first book in English about marijuana. Published in an edition of 10,000 copies as samizdat (without publishing numbers). The cargo was immediately dismantled.


„Snažme se žít tak, aby naší smrti litoval i majitel pohřební služby.“ Mark Twain