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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

Chocolate Candy


- 250 g hydrogenated fat 
- A handful of fine stems 
- A large handful of leaves 
- 50 g of cocoa 
- 4 table cooking chocolate (á 100 g) 
- Pinch of menthol or 10 drops of oil of Siberian fir 
- Half a teaspoon of cinnamon


Melt the fat in the pan and soon it 10 minutes to clear stems. Then it is carefully select and throw the crushed leaves to be fry for another 10 minutes. Then strain the oil through a piece of cloth.(Do not discard the stems and leaves - can further 1 hour boil in milk and milk ganjové get that - bhang). Precedent pour oil into a small saucepan and in a water bath (large pan of boiling water) into nalámejte chocolate and add the other ingredients - everything warms stirring frequently, until the mixture is hot. There can then be poured into various molds (like dice on ice) and after solidification have squělé chocolates characterized by rapid onset (often already after 10 minutes).Especially refined in combination with fir oil, but everyone can taste completely customize the original - let imagination to work!

„Kdo se umí smát sám sobě, má právo smát se smát všemu ostatnímu, co mu k smíchu připadá.“ Jan Werich