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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

South Bohemian pork roulade


- 800 g pork (it used pork) 
- Salt, pepper, marjoram 
- Cannabis leaf 
- Mustard 
- 100 g smoked streaky bacon 
- Oil 
- 2 eggs 
- Grill seasoning 
- Cannabis butter 
- Hemp milk 
- Buns 
- Pair 
- Cucumber 
- Pepper


Cut in meat plate, tenderize, salt and pepper and brush with mustard and let it ripen (before we make milk and butter, plenty of time). So we move on to the production of hemp milk and butter (I will not repeat it here too ...) Slice the rolls into cubes, add garlic, pepper, salt, chopped bacon (sausage), marjoram in a bowl next to a mix eggs with milk, salt and gently mix zalíváme buns and other spices! nepřelijte beware! create and stuffing. Spread the stuffing on the meat, add a slice of bacon, cucumber, red pepper, sausage and everything that comes to taste. (Each according to his or her choice) Rolls turn back, wound thread on oil and sear on all sides. Then pour the hot broth, cover and bake for about 50 minutes in the oven. BBQ spices stir in a little oil and rub it rolls and dopečeme without covering. Rolls let cool, cut into slices and serve with potatoes is an excellent combination kočičák-roll-Budvárek. If we roulade warm, so it cut slices and then warm up in the oven or microwave. Cold roll is cut much better.

„Proti blbosti i bohové bojují marně.“ Jan Werich