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 Obsah Nákupního Koše



- 6 eggs 
- 6 tablespoons flour 
- 6 tablespoons powdered sugar 
- Two teaspoons cocoa powder (not necessary, if you want a light version)

- Cannabis butter 
- Nuts 
- Sugar 
- A little rum 
- 3 larger and straighter bananas


Pound cake - wiping the egg yolks with the sugar, whisk together the snow and on the bench by the spoonful stir into egg yolks with sugar, flour and snow (mix lightly to us has not fallen snow mixing). The baked cake folded in half (so that the bending ruptured!) Long sides together and put into a bend around the rod diameter conventional banana. I use rolls of cardboard on which is wound baking paper, aluminum foil or kitchen foil. They can also use metal molds for cream horns, destitute even a broom handle - if hygienically clean and completely free of bacteria. 
Thus folded sponge let cool completely. 
Butter, ground nuts, sugar and a little rum umícháme tougher content. It is possible to make different fillings - someone more máslovější cream tastes just a little bit nuts or "maintenance" option only with nuts and sugar-free butter. But that's not to confound ... Peanuts may be hazelnuts and walnuts. 
To bend cold sponge insert (as a kind of axis) bananas (tip them cut the bananas and lay next to each other) and rest area anoint cream so that the banana erasing a high layer, such as the banana, and toward the opposite end of the layer is reduced to to be lost. Then, on a greased surface retract the upper part of the sponge. The result is a dessert kapkovitým shape cut. Dessert can still pour chocolate sauce and sprinkle with colored sugar rice. Carve about 3 cm thick slices.

„Nikdy jsem nedopustil, aby škola stála v cestě mému vzdělání.“ Mark Twain