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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

weet stuffing


- 200g of cannabis seeds 
- 100g poppy 
- Little children biscotti 
- Gingerbread for grating 
- Sugar 
- Milk


Hemp can take the seeds, then just before namletím Pour into a saucepan with water - rocks and sand go to the bottom and choose a strainer wet seeds. This technology department of grain from the chaff by Kief proved best. Then, poppy seeds and grind the poppy clippers. Boil the milk on very low heat for about 30-40 min. Thickens, stirring constantly biscuits and grated ginger until a very thick paste. During cooking přisladíme be my guest. I personally recommend to reconcile with honey or glucose at least. After cooling, we can use this as a filling for stuffing Czech cakes, leavened cake, Moravian cake, or eat it alone. I proved to be the most Tarts, where the THC barely reduce baking. Cannabis cakes are delicate taste, but have one feature insidious as all meals from hemp. The effect is about an hour, so watch out!

„O chytré ženské je nouze. Konečně o chytré mužské zrovna tak.“ Jan Werich