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 Obsah Nákupního Koše

Baked Apples


- More apples (depending on how many people the recipe preparation) 
- Per person at least 2 and 1/2 cup brown sugar (wants to get really brown, unrefined, in a healthy diet will certainly know what it is) 
- 1/4 cup water 
- 1/3 cup of cannabis 
- Crushed cinnamon for sprinkling 
- Cherries, whipped cream for garnish 
- And on hot summer days, you can easily reach after a bit of ice cream


Wash the apples of course, Cut in half and spoon remove the inside cored. Cannabis podrtíme a mortar and pestle or in drtičce the coarser powder and mix it with sugar, add a little water and this mixture is stuffed apples ready. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and garnish with cherries.Subsequently vyskládáme apples on a small baking pan and put on about 15 minutes in a hot oven at a temperature of 300 stupňů.Podáváme immediately after baking, decorated with a little cream or. with creamy ice cream.

„Nedostane-li žena koho chce, běda tomu, koho dostane.“ Mark Twain