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Treatment of cannabis - Alternative Treatment

Treatment of cannabis is an alternative in many respects exceeding conventional medicine.

The European Citizens' Initiative for the legalization of Cannabis:   The aim is to make the EU common policy for the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale. It is a hope for many patients no longer have to move to the edge of the law. It's finally a real chance.  , you can Sign here .   Actual status here . Otherwise, Poland has been fulfilled.  

The therapeutic effects of Cannabis: What to know about cannabis and what it contains, cannabis products, active cosmetics from hemp, cannabinoids, function description endocannabinoidového system, history and other basic information about the hemp here.

The main idea of the site is clearly arranged and clearly present the issue of the use of cannabis in the treatment. One of the goals is to address the professional and lay public and to assist in the process of ldecriminalization of cannabis.

Is not the goal of this site overwhelm you information about the causes, symptoms, and other facts specific diseases. Information of this nature to be found here . . We want to focus more on the relationship between disease and the effects of cannabis.

The biggest problem of conventional medicine is to cure the consequences and causes of interest to it until the next plan. This thesis supports state when chasing a score - for performance - money. The advantage again is sometimes too fierce exactness.

The concept of alternative therapy must combine medical exactness of conventional medicine (as controller) and an alternative in the form of medicines (as a therapeutic element of curing causes).

We want to find people interested in studying the effects of cannabis. Suitable candidates are ill, who have tasted the gears conventional medicine, or those who do not trust gear. We want to act responsibly and to combine medicine (as controller) and the strength of hemp (as a therapeutic element). 

Write what illness you suffer. 

For this treatment, two-thirds of patients given only after the devastate our health and when officially declares that he can no longer help. In this situation difficult to determine the success rate, but nicely said Dušan Dvořák in his interview here . ..   

WARNING: Articles and posts dealing with cannabis used for educational purposes. Anyone who decides to grow cannabis plant, do so at your own risk arising from the current legislation. We are not responsible for the behavior of readers.

To be actively involved in popularizing the miraculous herbs and distribute cannabis hemp products from Czech companies can actually combine business with pleasure. Sign in here

„O chytré ženské je nouze. Konečně o chytré mužské zrovna tak.“ Jan Werich